Prof Elizabeth Manias
Prof Elizabeth Manias Elizabeth Manias is a registered nurse and a pharmacist. Her areas of interest include medication safety, medication adherence, communication processes between health professionals, patients and family members, and patient safety and risk management. Her work also involves examining organisational and environmental aspects of patient safety, and consumer participation in care. She employs diverse research methodologies in undertaking research. These methodologies include interventional studies, ethnographic approaches, clinical audits and the validation of risk assessment tools. Elizabeth is very passionate about developing, testing and implementing practices aimed at improving patient safety, and facilitating patient and family engagement in health care. She also enjoys working with clinicians in effort to bring about health care improvements. Elizabeth is a strong advocate of supporting students in their learning to facilitate high quality patient care.
  • Healthcare quadrangle: Authors: Elizabeth Manias, Kathleen Gray, Nilmini Wickramasinghe What’s the research – If healthcare was compared to a team sport, we would find four key players: the patient; family, health professional and a new player, technology. The addition of the new technology player has really changed the dynamics of the healthcare game. There is so much […] No responses 3 min read August 4, 2017