Dr Sankalp Khanna
Dr Sankalp Khanna Research Scientist, CSIRO Australian e-Health Research Centre. My current research is focussed on applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to model, analyse, predict, simulate and optimise patient flow through Australian public hospitals. My research interests include Applied Artificial Intelligence, Prediction and Forecasting, Planning and Scheduling, Multi Agent Systems, Distributed Constraint Reasoning, and Decision Making and Learning under Uncertainty.
  • Improving Hospital Patient Flow: Authors: Clair Sullivan, Andrew Staib, Sankalp Khanna, Norm M Good, Justin Boyle, Rohan Cattell, Liam Heiniger, Bronwyn R Griffin, Anthony Jr Bell, James Lind and Ian A Scott What’s the research – Exploring the relationship between the Emergency Department Discharge timeliness and in-hospital mortality of patients to help define outcome-focussed Emergency Department performance targets. Why […] No responses 2 min read September 14, 2017