Clinical Information Systems

Computer based systems designed for collecting, storing, manipulating and making available clinical information important to the healthcare delivery process.

  • Overcome the challenge of clinical documentation

    Authors: Sarah Fisher, Marketing Manager, Nuance Communications What’s the research – This paper focuses on the digitisation of Australian healthcare and the ongoing investment in the EMR. It is original research that sizes the clinical documentation challenge for clinicians and health institutions. It describes how speech enabling clinical documentation can help overcome these challenges and […]

    Sarah Fisher No responses 1 min read May 18, 2018
  • When disruption is good for healthcare

    Authors: Clair Sullivan, Andrew Staib, Stephen Ayre, Michael Daly, Renea Collins, Michael Draheim and Richard Ashby What’s the research – This paper describes the challenging digital transformation of the Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) into the first integrated digital tertiary hospital in Australia. Why it’s important – There is no doubt that digital healthcare is the […]

    Dr Clair Sullivan No responses 2 min read March 28, 2018
  • IT problems have many personas

    Authors:Mi-Ok Kim, Enrico Coiera, Farah Magrabi What’s the research – This research examined all studies published from January 2004 – December 2015 that reported, amongst other things, problems affecting usability, decision-making, care processes and patient outcomes when using electronic medical record systems. Why it’s important – With current investment in information technology in healthcare across […]

    Dr Mi-Ok Kim No responses 2 min read August 2, 2017
  • IT and Clinicians mix like oil and water

    Authors:Enrico Coiera What’s the research – Using computers and other devices in healthcare has helped us work faster, improve memory recall and take away the repetitive record-keeping tasks. In embracing technology we did not think we would be making new and sometimes serious errors causing patient harm. Understanding the interplay between people, clinical workflow and […]

    Prof Enrico Coiera No responses 3 min read May 31, 2017
  • EHRs: healthcare’s crystal ball

    Authors:Xiongcai Cai, Oscar Perez-Concha, Enrico Coiera, Fernando Martin-Sanchez, Richard Day, David Roffe, Blanca Gallego What’s the research – This study tested a model for estimating the daily probability that a hospitalized patient will remain in the hospital, be discharged, readmitted, or die, regardless of their medical condition. The model uses the results of each new […]

    Xiongcai Cai No responses 3 min read May 16, 2017