Knowledge Representation and Information Modelling

The field of artificial intelligence dedicated to representing information or concepts and the relationships, constraints, rules, and operations to specify data semantics for a chosen domain of discourse.

  • Improving Hospital Patient Flow:

    Authors: Clair Sullivan, Andrew Staib, Sankalp Khanna, Norm M Good, Justin Boyle, Rohan Cattell, Liam Heiniger, Bronwyn R Griffin, Anthony Jr Bell, James Lind and Ian A Scott What’s the research – Exploring the relationship between the Emergency Department Discharge timeliness and in-hospital mortality of patients to help define outcome-focussed Emergency Department performance targets. Why […]

    Dr Sankalp Khanna No responses 2 min read September 14, 2017
  • EHRs: healthcare’s crystal ball

    Authors:Xiongcai Cai, Oscar Perez-Concha, Enrico Coiera, Fernando Martin-Sanchez, Richard Day, David Roffe, Blanca Gallego What’s the research – This study tested a model for estimating the daily probability that a hospitalized patient will remain in the hospital, be discharged, readmitted, or die, regardless of their medical condition. The model uses the results of each new […]

    Xiongcai Cai No responses 3 min read May 16, 2017