The Editorial Team are the pioneers of the HISA Journal Club. How?

They saw a need and did something about it! They recognised there is great work in digital health across Australia that is hidden away, only accessible to readers of academic journals.

The results of projects and research must be available to a broader community if we are to reap the benefits of digital change.


to showcase your published work. Bring it into the light through the HISA Journal Club.

It is simple and easy: write a brief blog (less than half a page) on your project or research. Instructions can be found on the “authors instructions” tab or here:

Author Instructions

For extra kudos, your work may be selected and showcased as paper for the month.

Led by Professor Enrico Coiera, editor-in-chief, the Editorial team are recognised internationally for their track record and expertise in the field of health informatics.

It consists of:

Prof Enrico Coiera

David Hansen

Editors Blog

A collection of posts written by the Journal Club editors.