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Convert data cemeteries into sources of knowledge

Sydney, Thursday 28 November 2019

Convert data cemeteries into sources of knowledge    
Prof Heiko Spallek
Faculty of Medicine and Health
The University of Sydney


A focus on integrated care

Chatswood, Thursday 13 June 2019

Integrated Care and why it should be everybody’s business!    
Cynthia Stanton
General Manager Primary Care Advancement & Integration
Northern Sydney PHN


Privacy, Security, Risks and Liabilities in EMR

Macquarie Health, Thursday 2 May 2019

Privacy Security Risks and Liabilities in EMR    
Karen Keogh and Andrew Miers
HWL Ebsworth Lawyers


Adding value through actionable insight

Leichhardt, Thursday 14 February 2019

Adding value through actionable insight    
Dr Peter Cronin MBChB, MBA, BTech Hons


Innovations in precision medicine

Macquarie Health, Thursday 6 December 2018

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence transforms health research    
Dr Denis Bauer
Transformational Bioinformatics Team


The role of digitisation in creating a 21st century mental health system

Macquarie Health, Thursday 18 October 2018

Prioritising better mental health and substance abuse care using eHealth at the World Health Organisation    
Christopher Lemon
Junior Medical Officer
St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney


Young Talent Time

Macquarie Health, Thursday 23 August 2018

Auto-coding of Clinical Records using ICD-10-AM and ACHI Classification System Using qualitative research to inform and improve health informatics  
Rajvir Kaur
Student, eHealth Research Group
School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, Western Sydney University
Maryke Steffens
PhD Candidate, Centre for Health Informatics
Macquarie University


Project governance and implementing change in healthcare: A strategic conversation

Macquarie Health, Thursday 21 June 2018

Why do so many technology programmes in health and social care fail?    
Prof Trish Greenhalgh
Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences
University of Oxford, UK



Cybersecurity for Healthcare Organisations

Macquarie Health, Thursday 3 May 2018

Cybersecurity in healthcare    
Richard Taggart
Committee Member
HISA Cybersecurity Community of Practice



HISA NSW – Highlights and Updates

Leichhardt, NSW. Thursday 15 February 2018

Usability in the age of avatars, agents and AI US university health informatics tour 2017 AMIA 2017 annual symposium
Prof Chris Bain
HISA UX Community of Practice
Dr Jen Bichel-Findlay
Director, Digital Health and Innovation
University of Technology Sydney
Dr Jen Bichel-Findlay
University of Technology Sydney
Dr Simon Poon
University of Sydney



What HISA National is planning for 2017

Leichhardt, NSW. Thursday 16 February 2017

HISA Strategic Framework    
Dr Louise Schaper



Data linkage and end of year celebrations

Leichhardt, NSW. Thursday 1 December 2016

Data Linkage and legislative change    
Dr Elizabeth Moore
General Manager, Clinical Governance, Healthdirect Australia



Change for success – the focus on change and adoption for eMR Connect

Leichhardt, NSW. Thursday 20 October 2016

Change for Success The Focus of Change & Adoption for eMR Connect    
Bianca Jordaan
Change and Adoption Manager
Jo Rappolt
Evaluation and Benefits Manager eMR Connect Program



Patient experience and user design

Chatswood, NSW. Thursday 22 September 2016

Transforming the patient experience(PX) Human centred design in patient experience  
Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan
CEO, Energesse
Christopher Roosen
CEO, Principal Designer, Founder Cognitive Ink


5th Young Talent Time – Health Informatics research at the cutting edge

Leichhardt, NSW. Thursday 18 August 2016

Are dietitians going digital? … APP-arently so Empowering consumers through timely context based information Drug-drug interaction alerts in an electronic medication management system: A tough nut to crack
Juliana Chen
PhD Candidate, The University of Sydney
Maneesh Mathai
PhD Candidate, Western Sydney University
Anmol Sandhu
PhD Candidate, Macquarie University


Digital Health – striving for innovation

Darlinghurst, NSW. Thursday 7 April 2016

Digital health innovation Gamified learning Innovation in healthcare | Watch video
Alex Burke
CEO, Tigerspike
Georgine Drury
Founder, Springday
Amy Kwong
Account manager, Zebra Technologies
Wardconnect Science based decision making in healthcare – CohortIQ  
Martin Seneviratne
Junior doctor, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Ian Tebutt
Co-founder, CohortIQ



In-home health monitoring

Darlinghurst, NSW. Thursday 18 February 2016

Regional Cystic Fibrosis e-Health & Telemonitoring Program In home health monitoring Empowering users by collecting and analysing health & fitness data on a smart phone
John Hughes
Sharryn Gannon
Valérie Gay and Peter Leijdekkers

Beyond My Health Record – where to from here?

Fortitude Valley, Queensland. Wednesday 4 September 2019

Australian Digital Health Agency Work program update    
Travis Hodgson
General Manager
Australian Digital Health Agency



Clinical UX – focused on delighting

Fortitude Valley, Queensland. Thursday 23 May 2019

Design + Healthcare. How we’re applying design thinking in the clinical world.
Dr Ronald Huynh
Emergency Senior House Officer
& Digital Engagement Officer
Gold Coast Health



AI and Data Science in health

Fortitude Valley, Queensland. Wednesday 6 February 2019

AI is Disrupting Healthcare. Getting from algorithm to outcome Queensland Health Data Linkage  
Dr Brent Richards FRACP FCICM
Medical Director of Innovation
Director of Critical Care Research
Gold Coast Health
Trisha Johnston & Raymond Daniel
Statistical Analysis and Linkage Unit
Queensland Health



Precision and Personalised Medicine with AI – a Queensland Case Study

Fortitude Valley, Queensland. Monday 8 October 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine    
Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry
CEO and Co-founder
Max Kelsen and cognitiveCX



Cybersecurity Findings and Debate

Brisbane, Queensland. Thursday 22 Februrary 2018

Cybersecurity Findings    
David Bunker
Executive Director, Queensland Genomics Health Alliance


E-health research and genomics

Brisbane, Queensland. Wednesday 28 June 2017

QGHA Program Overview -Managing Collaboration, Contribution and Complexity, a presentation for the HISA Queensland AGM The Australian e-Health Research Centre  
David Bunker
Executive Director, Queensland Genomics Health Alliance
Dr David Hansen
CEO, The Australian E-Health Research Centre, CSIRO



Transforming mental healthcare through informatics

Brisbane, Queensland. Thursday 25 May 2017

SLOTZ: A Game-Based Measure of Gambling Decision Making    
Wes Turner
PhD Candidate
Griffith University



What HISA National is planning for 2017

Brisbane, Queensland. Monday 27 March 2017

HISA Strategic Framework    
Dr Louise Schaper



Smarter automated homes for healthy ageing

Brisbane, Queensland. Wednesday 8 March 2017

From the Connected Home to the Connected Person Smarter safer homes platform for seniors living at home  
Lisa Capamagian
Corporate Development Manager, Tunstall Healthcare
Dr Qing Zhang
Senior Research Scientist, The Australian E-Health Research Centre, CSIRO


Health data interoperability and linkage

Brisbane, Queensland. Wednesday 14 September 2016

SMART on FHIR for managed authorised access to medical records Oridashi – Hiasobi Web Application Platform for General Practice Metro North Central Patient Intake – the (R)evolution of R-Track
Brett Esler
Principal Consultant, Oridashi
Brett Esler
Principal Consultant, Oridashi
Anthony Kanowski
Applications Development Manager, Queensland Health
Introduction to FHIR The National Clinical Terminology Service (NCTS) Fostering mobile innovation in digital health
Dr Michael Lawley
Principal Research Scientist, Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO
Dr Michael Lawley
Principal Research Scientist, Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO
David O’Driscoll
General Manager (Acting), Design & Development Authority Branch, Australian Digital Health Agency


Sharing health-y data: Challenges and solutions

Woolloongabba, Queensland. Wednesday 16 March 2016

Data and the My Health Record System Ethical considerations in accessing data for research RedCap: Data management tool for capturing and sharing clinical data
Larissa Briedis
Manager, Policy and Planning, NEHTA
Connor Brophy
Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, UQ
Xin-Yi Chua
QFAB Bioinformatics
Sharing Health-y data: Challenges and Solutions Update on legislation, ethics and governance for re-use of identifiable health and clinical data in the QLD public health sector The guide to publishing and sharing sensitive data
Dr Peter Croll
Cyber Security and Privacy Consultant
Melissa Hagan
Manager, Health and Medical Research Unit, QLD health
Kate LeMay
Senior Research Data Specialist, ANDS
Publishing clinical research data: the 5 Ps Supplementary material: consent forms Health-y sharing of human data
Kate LeMay
Senior Research Data Specialist, ANDS
Sara Olesen
Sara Olesen
Queensland department of health data linkage service    
Catherine Taylor & Trisha Johnston
Statistical Analysis and Linkage Unit, Statistical Services Branch, NCRIS

What HISA National is planning for 2017

Hobart, Launceston & Online. Thursday 30 March 2017

HISA Strategic Framework    
Dr Louise Schaper



Strategic Roadmap to Success

Launceston & Hobart, Tasmania. Thursday 29 September 2016

HISA Tasmania four-year strategic plan    
Sam Brodribb
HISA, Tasmania


HISA and HIMAA Tasmania Seminar

Launceston & Hobart, Tasmania. Thursday 31 May 2016

HIMS Supporting Clinicians and Clinical Information Systems eHealth as a service (ehaas)  
Trixie Kemp
Manager Medical Records
Tasmanian Health Service – North West Region
Dr Tony Sahama
Manager Medical Records
Tasmanian Health Service – North West Region


Perspectives and progress in precision medicine

Melbourne, Victoria. Tuesday 1 October 2019

Perspectives and progress in precision medicine Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance Australian Health Consumers use of online DNA testing: Findings from the Genioz study
Dr Chris Pearce
Dr Chris Pearce
Kate Birch
Head of Data & Technology
Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance
Louisa Di Petro
Genetic Support Network Victoria



Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Melbourne, Victoria. Thursday 20 June 2019

AIIA AI Ethics Framework. Principles Harmonization AI in Healthcare: Application and Governance  
Dan Pearce
Holding Redlich
A/Prof Sandeep Reddy
Associate Professor
Deakin School of Medicine



Can My Health Record support patient-centred, clinical-enabled healthcare?

Southbank, Victoria. Wednesday 12 September 2018

Transforming Australian healthcare through digital innovation My Health Record – What do patients want?  
Rupert Lee
Business Development Manager
Australian Digital Health Agency
Farhana Nakhooda
Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences
IBM Asia Pacific



On-site learning: Cybersecurity for healthcare organisations

Epworth Auditorium, Victoria. Wednesday 22 November 2017

Cybersecurity at Epworth HealthCare The Victorian Public Health Sector Cybersecurity Program WH Network Security & a
Biomedical Pilot
Nicholas Hobbs
Infrastructure Manager
Epworth Healthcare
James Fell and Jeannie Sim
Department of Health and Human Services
Russel Withers
Western Health
Cybersecurity from a number of Perspectives
Cybersecurity Community of Practice



What HISA National is planning for 2017

University of Melbourne, Victoria. Wednesday 29 March 2017

HISA Strategic Framework    
Dr Louise Schaper



A Big-Bang EMR implementation at RCH

University of Melbourne, Victoria. Wednesday 26 October 2016

A Big-Bang EMR implementation at RCH
Mike South
Paediatrician, CMIO
Jackie McLeod
EMR Project Director



Health informatics enabling clinical research: From one patient to one world

University of Melbourne, Victoria. Wednesday 15 June 2016

Supporting Statistically Significant Clinical Research
Prof Richard Sinnott
Director of eResearch and Chair of Applied Computing Systems
The University of Melbourne



Clinical engagement

Carlton, Victoria. Wednesday 11 May 2016

Engaging Professionals in Organisational Governance: The case of doctors and their role in the leadership and management of health services How Government Engages in Clinical Informatics in Victoria
A/Prof Helen Dickinson
Associate Professor Public Governance
The University of Melbourne
Julie Brophy
Manager Office of the Director
Health & Human Services Workforce Branch



Bringing together UX designers

Carlton, Victoria. Wednesday 16 March 2016

Why should informatics care about UX? Digital Identity Trends in eHealth Webinar Recording
A/Prof Chris Bain
Founder, HealthTech
Michael Dowling
Security Principal, APAC Digital Identity Lead
Grahame Grieve
Principal at Health Intersections Pty Ltd


Performance data and beyond the dashboard: Data informing decisions

Adelaide, Thursday 24 October 2019

Health Performance Council on Performance Data and Beyond the Dashboard: Data Informing Decisions Performance Data and Beyond the Dashboard –a Clinician’s Perspective Data informing decisions
Jane Austin
Health Performance Council
Sanjeev Khurana
Peadiatrics Surgeon
Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Tina Hardin
Executive Director, Clinical Informatics
Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health


Open House Event

Adelaide. 25th November 2016

Deep learning and precision radiology Creating new population-based infastructure in SA
Dr Luke Oakden
The University of Adelaide
Prof Lyle Palmer
The University of Adelaide


Presentation by Dr Peter Sprivulis, the Department of Health’s Chief CIO

Perth. 31st May 2018

Sharing is caring
Dr Peter Sprivulis
Chief Clinical Information Officer, WA Department of Health



Working together: What is needed? What is out there? What can we achieve?

Perth. 24th October 2017

Telehealth Future State Roadshow Why Telehealth? A Clinician’s Perspective:
‘What I need to make this work’
Alan Hamilton
Manager, Statewide Telehealth Service, WA Country Health Service
Melissa Vernon
Chief Operating Officer Strategy & Reform, Executive Lead – Telehealth
Dr Jeremy M Rawlins FRCS(Plast) FRACS(Plast)
Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon
Royal Perth Bentley Group & Fiona Stanley Fremantle Group



Nursing informatics in action!

Perth. 15th June 2017

WA Health Nursing Midwifery office(NMO)
Jo Reid
Principal Nursing Advisor, Nursing and Midwifery Office, WA Department of Health


The future state of clinical decision support supported by Wolters Kluwer UpToDate

Melbourne | Brisbane. 5th – 6th April 2016

Clinical decision support Transforming clinical decision support for tomorrow’s healthcare The future state of clinical decision support – a healthcare CIO’s prespective
Dr Mark Santamaria
Emergency Physician, The Alfred
Dr James F. Wiley II
Mal Thatcher
previous CIO Mater Health Services Brisbane / Queensland Health CHIO



Perioperative medicine – digital strategies and global trends – supported by Getz Clinical

Melbourne | Brisbane. 30 March 2016

The impact of Cloud Computing on Healthcare Electronic Perioperative Systems  
John Ellingham
Stephen Fitzgerald
CIO, Getz


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