NSW Health InformaticsNew South Wales has a long history of progressing health informatics in Australia. The branch pride themselves on providing a number of professional development events health informatics issues and brings together the diversity of personnel involved in health informatics and e-health. Offering wonderful networking opportunities for both members and non-members alike HISA NSW keeps NSW up to date with the vast array of developments within health informatics and e-health.

HISA NSW arose from the active promotion by the Health Informatics Association of NSW (HIANSW) to support a national health informatics body. With a very active membership, the Health Informatics Association of NSW (HIANSW) was established in 1991 and ran to 2001. Members were actively involved in promoting the discipline of health informatics during those years. The NSW Branch of HISA was formally established in May 2001.


HISA NSW can be contacted via the HISA National Office:
E: [email protected]
P: 03 9326 3311



Get involved!

Membership of HISA NSW is available to all financial members of HISA.

Benefits of being a HISA member include:

  • Subscription to the HISA NSW email list, forums and group blogs
  • The opportunity to influence and drive the e-health and health informatics agenda in NSW
  • The opportunity to network and learn from the experience of colleagues and collaborate with others
  • The opportunity to represent the interests of e-health and health informatics professionals in national forums
  • Access to relevant and timely information
  • The ability to contribute to the latest information and resource offerings




NSW Health Events


Sponsoring HISA events is a great opportunity to showcase your involvement in and support for Australia’s e-health and health informatics community. To discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact our head office at 03 9326 3311 or email us


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