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New South Wales has a long history of progressing health informatics in Australia. The branch prides itself on providing a number of professional development events on health informatics issues and brings together the diversity of personnel involved in health informatics and e-health. Offering wonderful networking opportunities for both members and non-members alike HISA NSW keeps NSW up to date with the vast array of developments within health informatics and e-health.

HISA NSW arose from the active promotion by the Health Informatics Association of NSW (HIANSW) to support a national health informatics body. With a very active membership, the Health Informatics Association of NSW (HIANSW) was established in 1991 and ran to 2001. Members were actively involved in promoting the discipline of health informatics during those years. The NSW Branch of HISA was formally established in May 2001.

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HISA NSW can be contacted via the HISA National Office:

E: [email protected]
P: 03 9326 3311


Dr Jen Bichel-Findlay

Jen has been employed in the health service industry for 42 years in a range of clinical, educative, managerial, and project roles. She is committed to supporting major health reform through digital health initiatives, and has a particular interest in how data and information are used by clinicians at the point of care and how data analytics impacts on health outcomes and efficiency of health service delivery. Jen is currently the Director of Digital Health & Innovation in the Faculty of Health at the University of Technology Sydney. She has been associated with HISA for many years, fulfilling current secretarial obligations for the HISA board and chairperson responsibilities for the NSW Branch. Jen became a CHIA in early 2014, and is the chair of the CHIA Examination Committee. She is keen to continue actively contributing to NSW HISA activities to influence the positive uptake of digital health by clinicians.

David Roffe
Vice Chair

As the Chief Information Officer for the NSW based St Vincent’s Health Australia Public and Private Hospitals, David is passionate about patient care. Every day at St Vincent’s, the staff strive to apply the disciplines of engineering, computer science and health informatics to enhance the safety and quality of the care they provide to clients, patients and staff in all the facilities. As a Board member of HISA (NSW), David will endeavour to provide opportunities for anyone interested in Health Informatics to share learnings and challenges in an open and welcoming setting.

Mark Nevin

Mark is a policy, strategy and advocacy professional with a background in healthcare and special interest in digital health. He has wide-ranging experience in member relations, policy development, stakeholder engagement and government affairs both in Australia and internationally. He is passionate about innovation and strategy in digital health and its role in improving outcomes for consumers. Mark has been a lead participant in a range of projects in digital health including standards, referral pathways, reimbursement systems and patient records (most recently My Health Record). He is a graduate of the AICD and has been involved in numerous national and international committees in healthcare. He would like to continue to support HISA members in NSW through the Branch Executive and nationally by extending HISA’s advocacy capacity, healthcare network and influence with key decision-makers in government.

Dr Michael Araco

It would be an honour to be re-elected after having now completed my first term on this committee. During my medical training, nothing frustrated me more than having patients receive lousy care due to problems that could be easily fixed with digital technology. Illegible hand-written notes, discharge summaries lost in the post, and misplaced x-rays were all triggers to poor outcomes. We can – and will – do better with digital health tools and expertise. I bring to HISA both clinical and digital experience. I am currently Medical Advisor for Healthdirect Australia where I work to build and promote consumer health tools for the governments of Australia. I also have 8 years of experience in early phase clinical research, the safety of new medicines, and innovative digital medical devices. I hope to continue to use this position to promote digital health for the benefit of the Australian public.

Heidi Bjering

Heidi Bjering is a lecturer in School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Western Sydney, where her teaching interests are in the areas of XML and Web Development, Systems Analysis and Design, and Health Informatics. She has been involved in developing and delivering the UWS Health Informatics program, an interest that developed during her research Masters degree which dealt with temporal aspects of health data. More currently she has been involved with terminology and data representation issues in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In her PhD research, she is investigating how IT can be used to support good health in the elderly, and is exploring ways to include older adults in the conception and design of these gerontechnology systems.

Dr Jon Carrano

I look forward to continuing my tenure on the NSW Committee and supporting HISA’s initiatives nationally in raising the profile of health informatics in healthcare delivery. Encouraging HISA’s continued sponsorship of NSW activities and expanding the types of events offered to members will be my primary objective. I will continue to foster collaborations with similar organisations across the healthcare & technology sectors to foster knowledge transfer and synergies. I will continue my involvement in reviewing and curating submissions to HISA national conferences to ensure members are kept up to date with current developments and practices. My two decades of working in healthcare related software solutions gives me a broad perspective and grounding in technology. It is gratifying to see mobile health gain traction and My Health Record, a project I was involved with at inception, continue to expand. Just this week I watched my GP seamlessly upload my Shared Health Summary. It’s just the start! I remain committed to seamless data interchange and coordinated healthcare delivery.

Christopher Lemon

Bio to come.

Heather McDonald

I have been an active member of the state committee of the NSW branch for the past 7 years. I am currently working for the Digital Health Agency and prior that was in NEHTA. My experience as the Director of Education and Adoption enables me to have a good understanding of issues that may affect the members of HISA at both a state and national level. I am committed to supporting the NSW branch to provide a diverse and interesting speaker program for the members.

Dr Simon Poon

Simon Poon is an Associate Professor in Health Information Systems Research at The University of Sydney in the Faculty of Engineering and IT. He is the Program Director of the multi?disciplinary program Master of Health Technology Innovation. He received training from diverse disciplines including BSc in Computer Science, PhD in Information Systems and Master of Public Health from The University of Sydney. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Mathematical Sciences, a Master in Engineering Management from The University of Technology Sydney, and underwent pilot training from the British Aerospace Flying College in Scotland. He was a visiting research scholar at Boston University (in 2008) and at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (in 2011). His research interests include data-driven modelling, technology-enabled social innovations, health technology evaluation. He enjoys working in multi-disciplinary environments and would like to be part of the bigger effort fostering Health Informatics research.

Louise Van Der Kraan

It is an exciting time to be involved with Health IT. The engagement and momentum we are seeing across the region is energising. I am passionate about bringing together members of the eHealth community to progress industry initiatives and support the digital evolution of healthcare services, from frontline clinical applications through to digital platforms supporting connected ecosystems. With 15 years’ experience in the health industry, in local and global teams, I work with technology and healthcare domain specialists to understand client and market requirements and articulate how technology enabled solutions assist healthcare organisations meet their objectives and improve service delivery. With your support, I would like the opportunity to once again draw on my experience of marketing, communication and collaboration with cross-sector stakeholders to work with members of the HISA NSW Executive Committee to plan and provide engaging and relevant educational sessions that benefit our members and the broader e-health community.


Membership of HISA NSW is available to all financial members of HISA. Benefits of being a HISA member include:

  • Subscription to the HISA NSW email list, forums and group blogs
  • The opportunity to influence and drive the e-health and health informatics agenda in NSW
  • The opportunity to network and learn from the experience of colleagues and collaborate with others
  • The opportunity to represent the interests of e-health and health informatics professionals in national forums
  • Access to relevant and timely information
  • The ability to contribute to the latest information and resource offerings

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