About HISA organisational membership

Our valued organisational members represent industry and research, healthcare and hospitals and many other entrepreneurial and professional groups all working together in the digital healthcare community to improve health outcomes for Australians.

Organisational membership is currently offered on a 4 tiered structure: Tier 3, 6, 11 and 21. The tier number indicates the maximum number of nominated employees for that membership. The current organisational membership rates are HERE. You can also upgrade to the Premium Membership package.

As a member, your organisation becomes a full voting member of HISA and your nominated employees receive the benefits of individual membership.

Organisational members receive:

  • Profile raising in one of the world’s fastest growing industries – the era of digital health
  • Engagement with HISA’s membership as well as the wider HISA digital health community
  • Workforce development opportunities – including certification through CHIA
  • Access to premier services –exclusive corporate membership packages
  • Leadership of industry forums, workshops and corporate events designed to bring industry, practitioners and researchers together on key health topics
  • And importantly – the opportunity to contribute to long term strategy, planning and leadership of Australia’s healthcare system

For a full matrix of the benefits and entitlements available for Organisational members (tiered structure and Premium+) click HERE.