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Upgrade to Premium+

All HISA Organisational Members now have the option of upgrading their tiered membership package to Premium+.

Premium+ offers an additional suite of entitlements tailored towards your business goals. The package offers more choice, additional entitlements and benefits.

As reflected in the matrix below, the Premium+ package includes a suite of entitlements that all premium members will receive. In addition, Premium+ members are able to choose 4 of the 8 additional benefits from those entitlements listed as ‘Options’.

HISA’s Corporate Partners Program

Also included in the below table are the benefits Corporate Partners are entitled to under HISA’s Corporate Partnership program. This program was established in 2012 and provides a way for companies to work with HISA at a partnership level. HISA’s Corporate Partners receive a bespoke package of entitlements, the cost of which is reflective of what is included.

HISA Corporate Partners have uncapped entitlements, as opposed to Premium members who have a choice of 4 additional entitlements. In addition there are entitlements that HISA reserves exclusively for our corporate partners e.g. roundtable events and electronic direct marketing (EDM) access.

To find out more about Corporate Partnership with HISA get in touch with Amanda at HISA – [email protected].

Premium+ Members

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