User Experience (UX) and its bedfellow usability, have a large impact on the extent to which IT systems are harnessed for maximum benefit to end-users, patients, carers and healthcare consumers; and yet the experience of many end-users of healthcare software is a poor one.

HISA has responded to this issue by establishing a UX Community of Practice. UX involves the sum of a user’s interactions with, and perceptions of, a system. It can and should carry enormous weight when deciding whether to implement a new system.

The Chair of the new UX Community of Practice, Associate Professor Chris Bain says: “We’d all be in a much better place if systems were more usable and clinicians had a positive experience of health IT. Whilst clinicians can sometimes be poor at communicating the exact problem to which IT is a possible solution, in no small part it is the role of informaticians and other relevant professionals to glean this information. Not providing specifics however can lead to ambiguity and frustration, and root problems can remain unsolved. A key purpose of the UX Community of Practice will be to develop a better understanding of what UX is and what it’s not, empower people and give them the knowledge and language to articulate their system problems, and to work with IT departments and vendors on collaborative solutions”.

Upcoming webinars

Thu 22

HISA Webinar – Running a great health IT Project with user experience (UX) in mind **members only**

March 22 @ 1:00 pm
Webinar, for members only. Presented by Bernard Schokman. UX is important for healthcare because we are talking about Human Beings in pain and discomfort.
March 22 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm



UX Membership
Get Involved!

Are you involved in UX? If so, we’d like to hear from you, because HISA is looking to expand the activities of our UX network. If you have suggestions, ideas or would like to get involved in this community of practice please contact us.

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Prof Chris Bain

Matiu Bush

Dr Tim Fazio

Dr Tim Fazio

Dianne Kalogeras

Dianne Kalogeras

Chris Marmo

Bernard Schokman

Pamela Scicluna



UX one day conference

UX conference prior to @HIC 2017 – Brisbane on Sunday 6 August. MORE INFORMATION

UX workshop during HIC 2017

A special UX workshop will be conducted on Tuesday 8 August, during the annual conference HIC: Usability and User Experience (UX) – stories from the front lines. You will need to register for HIC as a delegate to attend this workshop. MORE INFORMATION



UX community of practice
Resources to get you started


UX Resources list published July 2017

This is by no means a definitive list but contains some high-value UX resources available in the market and relevant to the way we should go about delivering experiences in the current market/environment.

Accelerate – John P. Kotter
The 8-Step Process to Accelerate Change


A Practical Guide to Information Architecture – Donna Spencer


Being Mortal – Atul Gawande
Designing for human connection and meaning-filled experiences in hospitals, palliative care units and residential aged care.


Computer-Human Interaction
A special interest group interested in human-technology and human computer interaction (HCI)


Creativity, Inc.-Ed Catmull
Pixar Animations President Ed Catmull tells the story of how to protect creative cultures and creative individuals in big business.


Design for Care – Peter H Jones
In Design for Care, Peter Jones will:

  • Present a current presentation of compelling healthcare design and information issues, integrated by representative case studies, to help designers, managers, students and teachers better understand the field
  • Educate and stimulate this audience to innovate and design better services from a total systems perspective in current healthcare practice
  • Help this audience understand the complexities, emerging opportunities, and uncertainties as indicated from the collective experience of leading edge design and research thinkers


Getting Real – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier
Getting Real, details the business, design, programming, and marketing principles of 37signals. The book is packed with keep-it-simple insights, contrarian points of view, and unconventional approaches to software design. 37signals used the Getting Real approach to launch five successful web-based applications (Basecamp, Campfire, Backpack, Writeboard, Ta-da List), and Ruby on Rails, an open-source web application framework, in just two years with no outside funding, no debt, and only 7 people (distributed across 7 time zones). www.basecamp.com


HIMSS User Experience library
UXPA: User Experience Professionals’ Association https://uxpa.org/ (literally just Googled and was impressed with its resources and publications including Journal of Usability Studies www.uxpajournal.org . Based out of Canada. Will have to dig deeper into its resources to see if anything’s pay-walled but from a quick browse the journal and everything looks quite accessible)


Human Centred Design handbook based on IDEO’s practice


Inspired – Marty Cagan
How to create products customers love


Interviewing Users – Steve Portigal
A really great book to learn the basics of interviewing users.


Introduction to User Experience Design MOOC
from Georgia Institute of Technology: (free and paid versions available, paid access includes assignments that get marked)


Lean Product Playbook – Dan Olsen
How to innovate with minimal viable products and rapid customer feedback.


Lean UX – Jeff Gothelf


100 Things – Susan Weinschenk
We design to elicit responses from people. We want them to buy something, read more, or take action of some kind. This book combines real science and research with practical examples to deliver a guide every designer needs. With it you’ll be able to design more intuitive and engaging work for print, websites, applications, and products that matches the way people think, work, and play.


Rework – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier
This book is a excellent practical book to guide you away from the practices that consume time rather than promote productivity in business teams.


Technical Basis for User Interface Design of Health IT
A US report for the National Institutes for Standards and Technology: Some of its value relates to:

  • A) It is specific to Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • B) Provides an extended set of design principles for EHRs (some 300 or so)
  • C) Provides some neat user profiles, unfortunately these are US; still the same goals need to be addressed
  • D) Injects safety into the UCD processes
  • E) Recognises clinical decision making as core to clinical work over and above task completion

e.g. scheduling an appointment, ordering a test, medicine etc.


The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande
Book on Healthcare design in general


The Design of Business -Roger Martin
Changing the way we think – abductive reasoning and problem solving in business.


Thoughts on UX
General thoughts on UX from IDEO: www.medium.com


A great intro to UX.


User Experience Design at General Assembly
(no affiliation): www.generalassemb.ly
Branches in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney as well as internationally. Also have workshops


UX Blog also with specific Healthcare articles.


UX Design Processes: Best Practices – UXPin


UX Like a BOSS in 30 Days – Bernard Schokman
A must read for the UX Designer and UX Team that wants to create digital assets quickly. This book is based on the Lean UX paradigm, it promotes design in teams rather than individuals and the analogy of design along value, cashflow-lines and business valuation and revaluation.


UX Magazine with some specific Healthcare articles


UX Mastery resources


UXPin resources