User Experience (UX) and its bedfellow usability, have a large impact on the extent to which IT systems are harnessed for maximum benefit to end-users, patients, carers and healthcare consumers; and yet the experience of many end-users of healthcare software is a poor one.

HISA has responded to this issue by establishing a UX Community of Practice. UX involves the sum of a user’s interactions with, and perceptions of, a system. It can and should carry enormous weight when deciding whether to implement a new system.

The Chair of the new UX Community of Practice, Associate Professor Chris Bain says: “We’d all be in a much better place if systems were more usable and clinicians had a positive experience of health IT. Whilst clinicians can sometimes be poor at communicating the exact problem to which IT is a possible solution, in no small part it is the role of informaticians and other relevant professionals to glean this information. Not providing specifics however can lead to ambiguity and frustration, and root problems can remain unsolved. A key purpose of the UX Community of Practice will be to develop a better understanding of what UX is and what it’s not, empower people and give them the knowledge and language to articulate their system problems, and to work with IT departments and vendors on collaborative solutions”.

Care to join?

Are you involved in user experience(UX)? Do you have any suggestions, ideas or would like to get involved in this community of practice?


Pamela Scicluna (Chair)

Executive Director

Pamela Scicluna has over 10 years’ experience in digital health and combines her technical skills and business focus to make a difference by providing innovative, sustainable, user-centred solutions to the health sector. Pamela is an Executive Director at health technology company Kianza and has previously held senior leadership positions within Telstra Health and PenCS. Pamela first became committed to improving health outcomes through technology while creating a decision support and real time prompting Trauma system for Alfred Health.

Pamela’s experience includes trauma and primary care decision support, real-time prompting, preventative care, population health, in-hospital task management and communication, marketplaces to support consumer directed care, optimisation for the home care sector, and interoperable foundation infrastructure. Pamela holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering, is a published author, and has presented locally and internationally.

Prof Chris Bain

Professor of Practice, Digital Health
Faculty of IT, Monash University

Chris is an experienced former clinician, having worked clinically across the healthcare spectrum, and a health IMT practitioner, with a unique set of qualifications. He is an Australian leader in UX. He has extensive experience in designing, leading and running operational Information Management and Technology functions in healthcare organisations. He is also an active researcher and supervisor of post graduate students, with an adjunct appointment in the Monash University Faculty of IT . His chief interests are in the usability of technology in healthcare, data and analytics, software and system evaluation, technology ecosystems and the governance of IT and data.

Dr Tim Fazio

Clinical Informatics Lead
The Royal Melbourne Hospital & NorthWestern Mental Health

Tim is a specialist physician and certified health informatician, currently employed in a dual clinical and clinical informatics role at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. he is due to complete his Master of Information Systems (Health) shortly. As a doctor, Tim has many years’ experience in the public health arena, working in a variety of metropolitan and rural health services, as well as community health services. He has been involved a number of hospital improvement projects, where he has utilised IT to streamline processes, improve patient safety and reduce hospital costs. Outside of health, Tim has developed multiple iPhone/iPad applications, which have been featured by Apple and in mainstream media. Tim is excited about advocating for eHealth innovation to hospital and governments, expanding the eHealth research field and contributing to ongoing eHealth education.

Dianne Kalogeras

Senior Clinical Usability Analyst
Australian Digital Health Agency

Dianne is an experienced clinical usability and business analyst with a strong background of working in the federal government and healthcare industry. She has a well-rounded skill set centred around business management within the government health sector, business processes, requirements analysis, clinical user experience, requirements gathering, stakeholder engagement and business process improvement. In her current role at the Australian Digital Health Agency, she works very closely with the Agency’s external Clinical Leads (Clinical Reference Leads) to provide clinical input to:

  • Detailed user information on the clinical workflows and the interactions with the My Health Record and application of the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) clinical usability principles; and
  • Clinical and usability advice on the My Health Record portals.

Dianne is passionate about clinical usability and works very closely with the design and development teams to ensure that clinicians are effectively engaged in the design, implementation and use of digital health products. She believes that there is a real need to understand the user’s world and their problems and frustrations with using digital health products.

Karrie Long

Telehealth Operations Manager
Melbourne Health

A career in clinical medicine and lifelong fascination with technology enables me to see the intersection of Health Informatics as being pivotal to creating positive patient outcomes. As a human centered designer I taper digital health solutions to fit the context of all individuals in the process . With my strong credentials developed across a broad range of experience, clinical, management, research, teaching and delivering projects, I have a passion (and track record) for delivering results through positive disruption and innovation for improved public health outcomes.

Dr Chris Marmo

Co-founder and Research DirectorPaper Giant

Chris Marmo is the co-founder and Research Director of Paper Giant, a strategic design consultancy based in Melbourne. For almost 15 years, Chris has worked at the intersection of people and technology to provide evidence-based design leadership. He is passionate about using human-centred design techniques to explore and solve problems that are grounded in real community and social needs. As a user experience design and research specialist he has had the opportunity to co-design government policy, and has designed products and services across a range of corporate, government, health, education, and social justice projects throughout Australia and Asia. His design work has found its way into products and services that hundreds of thousands of people use each day.

In the health context, he has designed both products and services for private and public organisations including Bupa, Medibank, Telstra Health, a range of community health organisations, and governments at all levels. Prior to starting Paper Giant in 2013, Chris obtained his PhD in Anthropology from RMIT University. He holds undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Psychology, and brings a deep understanding of people and technology to the projects he leads, no matter the context.

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