HISA Victoria provides a forum for discussing health informatics issues and brings together the diversity of personnel involved in health informatics and e-health. It promotes networking amongst members and opportunities to keep up to date with the vast array of developments within health informatics and e-health through its regular meetings.

HISA Vic was established as a HISA branch in November 2001. Victoria’s history commenced in 1984 with the formation of the Nursing Computer Group (Vic). In 1991 the group hosted the very successful international Nursing Informatics ’91 congress, an event of IMIA NI. In 1992 the group underwent a name change to represent all Australian nurse informaticians – Nursing Informatics Australia.

During that year the group amalgamated with AHIA Vic to become HISA Vic Inc. 1993, the birth year of HISA, HISA Vic funded the first HIC event and continued financially supporting the formation of the national organisation. The funds and activities generated during the first two years supported the young national organisation – HISA.

HISA Vic is proud to have been a member of the HISA foundation group assisting in the development of the national professional association.

Contact HISA VIC

HISA VIC can be contacted via the HISA National Office:

E: [email protected]
P: 03 9326 3311


Membership of HISA VIC is available to all financial members of HISA. Benefits of being a HISA member include:

  • Subscription to the HISA VIC email list, forums and group blogs
  • The opportunity to influence and drive the e-health and health informatics agenda in Victoria
  • The opportunity to network and learn from the experience of colleagues and collaborate with others
  • The opportunity to represent the interests of e-health and health informatics professionals in national forums
  • Access to relevant and timely information
  • The ability to contribute to the latest information and resource offerings

Upcoming events

State event
Tuesday 1 October 2019 | 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Event details to be announced

HIC 2019
12 – 14 August
Australia’s premier digital health, e-health and health informatics conference.

To see a complete list of events, click here.

Victoria leadership

Dr Mark Merolli, CHIA

PhD, B. Physio (Hons), FACHI, CHIA. Mark is a fellow of the Australasian College of Health informatics (FACHI), Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA), and Physiotherapist. He is also a teaching/research academic at the University of Melbourne, Health and Biomedical Informatics Centre (HABIC). Over the last few years, he has spent a significant amount of time developing university education programs in digital health and informatics, and engaging in health informatics workforce advocacy . Mark’s primary background and interests are in clinical and participatory health informatics, and advancing the health informatics workforce. Outside of his engagement Chairing the HISA Vic Committee, he is also Chair of the International Medical informatics Association (IMIA) Participatory Health and Social Media Working Group .

Dr Tim Fazio, CHIA
Vice Chair

Tim is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, a Certified Health Informatician of Australasia and has a Master of Information Systems specialising in Health, with a thesis in machine learning. He is currently employed as the Clinical Informatics Lead and Deputy Chief Medical Information Officer at Royal Melbourne Hospital, where he is also employed as a specialist physician. He has served on the HISA State Committee since 2017.Tim has utilised IT to streamline hospital processes, improve patient safety, facilitate research, reduce hospital costs and improve clinician satisfaction. Tim has developed iPhone/iPad applications which have been featured by Apple and mainstream media, founded an eHealth start-up, and served on a variety of community organisation boards.Tim is excited about clinical care, delivering practical eHealth solutions, advocating for eHealth innovation, expanding the eHealth research field and contributing to ongoing education in both clinical and eHealth realms.

A/Prof Paul Cooper, CHIA

Over the past 12 months I have contributed to the HISA Vic Committee as an active member (currently Secretary). During this time I have lead or participated in a number of well received local events, helped shape HISA responses to industry issues (such as the MyHealthRecord), provided thought leadership (Ai Ethics) and helped foster closer ties with other industry associations (such as facilitation of the AIIA/HISA AI Ethics Breakfast Event in Queensland). I currently teach Fundamentals of Health Informatics at Deakin University which keeps me grounded in how best to grow future digital health experts, and an am active participant in ACHI discussions which promote the health informatics society and its subject expertise. I look forward to working with Victorian colleagues at HISA to continue to promote the growth of the health informatics community.I look forward to bringing my passion, energy, experience and industry contacts to the committee and am committed to working to the benefit of the HISA community in whatever capacity I can best serve.

Brooke Atkins

I work clinically as a physiotherapist in a community health organisation. I have a strong interest in Australia’s digital health and how it is changing the way health care is accessed and delivered. I’m particularly interested in clinical informatics, big data in health and the ethical and policy frameworks that are being developed around it.I have experience as a committee member, as I am a current member of the Australian Health Promotion Association’s VIC Branch. I am experienced with most duties involved with being an active committee member (briefs, fundraising/promotion events, developing objectives and action plans, chairing, minute-taking etc.) and I am on a working group aimed at career development and opportunities.

Andy Fodor, CHIA

I am passionate about transforming healthcare by providing clinicians with effective tools to deliver safe, high quality and efficient patient care. With over 20 years of experience in the Health IT, I bring a unique blend of nursing and informatics skills. I have implemented and supported numerous clinical information systems across large multi-campus healthcare networks. Recently, I have renewed my CHIA qualification and am a new Member of the Australasian College of Health Informatics.In addition to my acute care experience, I have contributed to the state and national communities by:

  • Presenting at several conferences (2013, 2014, 2018);
  • Reviewing abstract submissions for HIC (2018, 2019); and
  • Advising the DHHS in clinical informatics related activities.

As a nominee for the Victorian State Branch, I would bring my energy and experience to achieve HISA's goals, while encouraging and supporting early to mid-career professionals in their clinical informatics journey.

Dr Isobel Frean, CHIA

I offer my experience of working in non-government and corporate health and care organisations to help in the continued growth and relevance of HISA Victoria. As a nurse informatician, focused on shaping digital transformations, I am keen to combine my passion for workforce development with the important task of normalising informatics competencies. My PhD in health informatics from the University of Wollongong opened my eyes to the inequities in digital health funding, investment and workforce development. Many of these inequities are being eroded. Others, especially in social care, remain opportunities where HISA can make a difference. Through CHIA and other accessible training and support, I look forward to the opportunity to make a difference.

Dr Kunal Verma, CHIA

I am a Cardiologist subspecialising in Genomics, and am excited about translating genomic medicine into clinical practice for all health professionals. Up until recently relegated to the research arena, genomics is fast becoming applicable to all areas of health and is increasingly reliant upon effective utilisation of bioinformatics tools. I am very interested in showing how bioinformatics tools can spread knowledge and uptake of these advances into everyday practice. It is inevitable that genomics becomes integrated into the standard care provided to all patients, and informaticians need to lead this integration. I am a passionate teacher, and love working with people of varied backgrounds. I believe that I bring enthusiasm and expertise that will help shape HISA’s approach to the integration of genomics and other rapidly expanding areas within precision medicine, into the fold of every health care professionals’ working life.

David Wang

One of the best things about Health Informatics for me is that it is dynamic, multi-disciplinary and exciting. I have had the privilege of volunteering at previous HISA conferences, notably HIC18, and I have personally noted the interest amongst student volunteers to be more involved. In 2019, I've been working with HISA to launch a new Student Group, to support, engage, and motivate Health Informaticians of the future. I hope through my experiences as a medical student at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and my connections with the new HISA Student Group, I'll be able to provide a different perspective to the Vic Committee.If elected, I hope to provide the bridging link between future health informaticians and current leaders, and together with the student group, create a stronger Health Informatics community as members progress through their careers from students, to emerging professionals, to CHIAs and future leaders in Health Informatics.

Peter Williams, CHIA

As a foundation Fellow of ACHI and a CHIA I am keen that we do all we can to promote and progress Health Informatics nationally and particularly in my home state of Victoria. I am currently Oracle’s Healthcare Innovator in APAC researching how information and technology is transforming healthcare and the impact that is having on clinicians and consumers. It is an exciting time with the potential of better connected care through telehealth and IOT, the promise of precision medicine, the challenge of artificial intelligence and increasing consumer expectations of autonomy and control. It is essential that the health informatics community keep abreast of and help shape the future of these and other innovations to deliver the best possible outcomes for individuals and society. I would appreciate the opportunity to apply my insights and experience in both the public and private sector to assist Council in that task. .

I'm ready to be part of HISA VIC