HISA Victoria provides a forum for discussing health informatics issues and brings together the diversity of personnel involved in health informatics and e-health. It promotes networking amongst members and opportunities to keep up to date with the vast array of developments within health informatics and e-health through its regular meetings.

HISA Vic was established as a HISA branch in November 2001. Victoria’s history commenced in 1984 with the formation of the Nursing Computer Group (Vic). In 1991 the group hosted the very successful international Nursing Informatics ’91 congress, an event of IMIA NI. In 1992 the group underwent a name change to represent all Australian nurse informaticians – Nursing Informatics Australia.

During that year the group amalgamated with AHIA Vic to become HISA Vic Inc. 1993, the birth year of HISA, HISA Vic funded the first HIC event and continued financially supporting the formation of the national organisation. The funds and activities generated during the first two years supported the young national organisation – HISA.

HISA Vic is proud to have been a member of the HISA foundation group assisting in the development of the national professional association.

Contact HISA VIC

HISA VIC can be contacted via the HISA National Office:

E: [email protected]
P: 03 9326 3311


Membership of HISA VIC is available to all financial members of HISA. Benefits of being a HISA member include:

  • Subscription to the HISA VIC email list, forums and group blogs
  • The opportunity to influence and drive the e-health and health informatics agenda in Victoria
  • The opportunity to network and learn from the experience of colleagues and collaborate with others
  • The opportunity to represent the interests of e-health and health informatics professionals in national forums
  • Access to relevant and timely information
  • The ability to contribute to the latest information and resource offerings

Upcoming events

Artificial intelligence in healthcare
Thursday 20 June 2019 | 6:00pm to 8:00pm
How do we foster a digital health environment where new AI products, solutions and services are not only developed but are adopted in a way that has meaningful impact and minimizes the risk of unanticipated negative consequences including the potential for harm and also the potential for cumbersome and unworkable regulation?

To see a complete list of events, click here.

Victoria leadership

Tony Abbenante

I am passionate about enabling the healthcare ecosystem to move toward clinically safe digital health information initiatives, vision and directions that are practical and appropriate for our current and future capability and need. Patient considered and centered care that is underpinned with enabling healthcare providers with access to the right information within the right setting is key to this journey. With the right guidance, we can achieve these outcomes with expediency in Victoria and across Australia. I have 27 years of ICT experience in healthcare, key roles and engagements include; Victorian Heart Hospital enterprise ICT design and strategy, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre – Parkville Precinct models of care (ICT director and enterprise design), Hervey Bay St Stephen’s Uniting Care enterprise digital hospital design and Director of Digital Architecture and Standards for Victoria. I can draw on this experience to provide significant input and direction into enabling our healthcare future together with HISA.

Dr Mark Merolli
Vice Chair

I am a health informatician, having done a PhD at the University of Melbourne under the tutelage of Kathleen Gray. I am also a Physiotherapist. I am the Academic Director of Digital Health at Swinburne University of Technology - a passionate educator of future health professionals in digital health and a clinical health professional. I already consider myself an active HISA member and am passionate about our perpetuation. I'm a member of the HISA Clinical Informatics Leadership Network, MACHI and CHIA. I have done my best to represent HISA as a CHIA and member in various engagement activities (incl: promotion of CHIA on the HISA website, and attending Swinburne University in 2016 as a judge for a make-a-thon in 2016 on behalf of Louise Schaper). I hope to be of value to Vic Branch Council for the new term.

A/Prof Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper is an independent consultant, providing strategic advice for the effective use of information and digital capabilities, particularly in health and education. I offer a unique blend of insights from my experience in medical research, IT, business consulting and digital marketing. As a foundation member of the CHIA program I am committed to furthering the efforts of HISA to deliver value to its members and to increase the standing of health informatics professionals. If elected as a committee member I will bring my energy, passion and experience to work with my colleagues to advance the goals of HISA. I also commit to extending my own knowledge of Health Informatics and furthering the understanding of the importance of certification. As example, I am currently engaged as an Associate Professor at Deakin University where I am delivering a new course on Health Informatics Management to MBA students.

Dr Timothy Fazio

Tim is a registered medical practitioner and certified health informatician, currently employed in a dual clinical and clinical informatics role at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. In 2018, he is expected to attain Fellowship with the RACP, as well as graduate from a Master of Information Systems (Health). As a doctor, Tim has over five years’ experience in the public health arena, working in a variety of metropolitan and rural health services, as well as community health services. He has been involved a number of hospital improvement projects, where he has utilised IT to streamline processes, improve patient safety and reduce hospital costs. Outside of health, Tim has developed multiple iPhone/iPad applications, which have been featured by Apple and in mainstream media. Tim is excited about advocating for eHealth innovation to hospital and governments, expanding the eHealth research field and contributing to ongoing eHealth education.

Dr Travis Grant

Travis has over 25 years in the healthcare industry, and is a long-term member of HISA. Travis is passionate about leading high performing teams to have a significant impact on patient and business outcomes, and believes that health technology and health informatics is a critical enabler. Travis has worked in the public and private health system, and as a Health Management Consultant, has worked across most segments of the healthcare system. Travis has broad experience including clinical research, enterprise strategy, large-scale clinical transformation, healthcare IT strategy, health enterprise architecture, and IT delivery. His experience includes a number of national eHealth strategies, and state-wide eHealth strategies.

Dr Leon Heffer

Leon is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Informatics and is currently acting Operations Manager of Barwon Health’s Decision Support Unit. Prior to this, he was Head of Data Services at BioGrid Australia where he was responsible for the strategic management of ethics, data linkage, access and analysis, and custom data-collection software development. These roles have seen Leon contribute to a diverse range of initiatives, all seeking to improve healthcare outcomes, safety and efficiency through evidence-based innovation and research. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most successful of these projects have involved collaborative teams of clinicians, technologists, researchers, administrators and health informaticians – something Leon is keen to promote and support in his role on the HISA VIC Branch Committee.

Tasneem Islam

My passion for health informatics was sparked in 2010 as a graduate nurse who witnessed her colleagues struggling to adapt to evolving technologies and consequent models of care. Keen to be part of the growing movement promoting informatics skills in all healthcare settings across multiple disciplines, I embarked on an academic research pathway that focused on experiences with electronic platforms and the importance of user-centred design. My PhD research with nurse managers and theoretical knowledge of complex sociotechnical environments has given me invaluable expertise and insight into the issues facing the health workforce today as we move forward in this exciting era of digital health. I had the privilege of assisting HISA and the Australian College of Nursing with a nursing informatics position paper, and hope to continue this important work. I am keen to contribute further with my developing user experience design, start-up experience, advocacy and leadership skills.

Julianne Oorloff RN, CHIA

I am grateful for the opportunity to re-nominate for the Vic Branch committee for another term. It is a great honour to serve the Vic Branch members and to play a role in not only representing your local views, issues and key topics to the Board but also helping local members connect, for up to date information, peer support and knowledge in the digital health space through communities of practice and arranging informative local events. I am a passionate clinician and certified informatician (CHIA) with more than 15 years’ informatics experience across both not for profit and commercial sectors. I hold a strong belief that effective use of technology supports the values of person centred and connected health care which will optimise patient experience, drive innovation in delivery of healthcare and maximise the value of the healthcare spend.

Jane Ross

Generally speaking, I like to make things better. To me health informatics enables better, smarter and safer decisions in healthcare. I am an informatician and change agent that is excited by opening up and changing the digital landscape for clinicians in their everyday work, with the ultimate driver being safer care for patients. I have strengths and interest in strategy and design of digital systems that are innovative and surging toward the integrated vision across the healthcare spectrum. I am particularly interested in health information sharing capabilities that will bring a new paradigm to everyday care. As a leader and implementer of large digital health transformation programs (notably EMR), I will leverage my experience and knowledge base to contribute to HISA digital health community to advance the science of informatics and collaboration and learning across health networks. Bach App. Sci ((MLS), Health Ethics, MHA, FACHI, CHIA

I'm ready to be part of HISA VIC