HISA's Western Australia branch


The HISA WA branch is a dedicated group of professionals from diverse backgrounds with an interest in informatics across a range of applications in health and clinical practice. Established in 2004 the Branch aims to encourage dialogue, debate and shared experiences in health informatics.

The WA Branch is the Western Australian branch of the national body. Julie Bishop MP, the Minister for Ageing officially launched the branch on 21st July 2004. The official launch of HISA (WA) was held in conjunction with the 2004 AGM. Dr Robert Wooding, then the head of the Department of Health and Ageing’s HealthConnect program addressed the crowd of over 80 attendees.

Anyone with an interest or curiosity in the health informatics field is invited to join us at one of our educational events. Up to 3-4 events are held annually and present a fantastic opportunity to learn more about new systems, developments, strategies and technologies. They also provide valuable networking opportunities and a chance to interact with like-minded individuals.

Our major event in the professional calendar is the annual Health Information Technology WA (HITWA) Conference which brings together national and international leaders in health informatics for a full day of presentations and discussion.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event.

Contact HISA WA

HISA WA can be contacted via the HISA National Office:

E: [email protected]
P: 03 9326 3311


Membership of HISA WA is available to all financial members of HISA.
Benefits of being a HISA member include:

  • Subscription to the HISA WA email list, forums and group blogs
  • The opportunity to influence and drive the e-health and health informatics agenda in Western Australia
  • The opportunity to network and learn from the experience of colleagues and collaborate with others
  • The opportunity to represent the interests of e-health and health informatics professionals in national forums
  • Access to relevant and timely information
  • The ability to contribute to the latest information and resource offerings

Upcoming events

Event details will be available soon.

To see a complete list of events, click here.

Western Australia leadership

Khye Davey

An enthusiastic clinician and educator with 13 years’ experience in healthcare facilitating delivery of person centered care both directly as part of interprofessional teams and in support roles through development and facilitation of staff learning in technical and non-technical skills, project management, quality improvement and data management.Khye is particularly passionate about systems thinking, utilising data to effectively and efficiently communicate a story, and UX for clinicians and consumers in the digital health space.

Richard Macliver
Vice Chair

Richard is a Healthcare consultant in PwC's Business and Performance Practice that is passionate about improving and innovating healthcare in Australia and globally. Richard has experience in process mapping, business case development, medical device development, chronic disease management, and clinician stakeholder engagement. Richard has previously worked with Michael Mosley and other doctors in the area of developing sustainable healthcare to individuals/groups with diseases of lifestyle. Richard aims to change healthcare in Australia to a more patient focused system that provides rewards quality outcomes rather than fee for service. He also believe that technology, innovation and entrepreneurship will play a vital role in the continued improvement of the healthcare system.

Nigel Chartres, CHIA

Nigel is a consultant, futures strategist and systems thinker, with extensive experience in all aspects of management, business planning, stakeholder engagement, project management and solutions delivery. Nigel is a member of:
- The Australian Computer Society (ACS);
- The Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA); and
- Records & Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA).
Nigel has applied his formal training and his extensive practical experience, to supporting and promoting the value of health informatics throughout the health sector. Nigel has proactively worked to secure greater recognition for and to establish a more significant presence for the discipline in Western Australia. Nigel is seeking support to continue as a member of the HISA WA Branch Committee so that he can work with all members to continue to grow the WA Branch and advance the benefits of the health informatics discipline for all.

Dr Ali Fardinpour

Dr Ali Fardinpour is an Immersive Technologies research scientist and the founder and Executive Director of Wise Realities Institute for Healthcare Emerging Technologies Research, a health promotion charity focused on immersive technologies as therapeutic and educational tools. Ali has been conducting research on computer simulations and immersive technologies for more than a decade in education and healthcare. In March 2019, Ali brought Healthcare Immersive Technologies into the spotlight, on executive and decision makers’ level, for the first time in Western Australia by holding the Inaugural Healthcare Immersive Technologies Symposium. Ali is deeply passionate about helping those challenged by health issues through innovation; enabling young researchers and innovators to grow; and contributing to the future of healthcare, as a human right, to be equally accessible and affordable for all. Ali aims to lead the field towards the future through state-wide, national and international constructive community-led research collaborations. He is seeking to mentor the next generation of health researchers and innovators with a deep understanding of both technology and health. Ali has established Wise Realities as a platform for the health services, academic institutions, medical research institutions, start-ups and communities to have access to centralised synergic research & development and technological resources to advance the quality of care through collaboration and innovation.

Simon Jennings

My name is Simon Jennings and I am an IT professional with many years’ experience in healthcare. In the UK I worked for the NHS and since arriving in WA I have worked across Fiona Stanley Hospital on the Digital Medical Record and then the closed loop medication management solution, the ICT Commissioning of Perth Children's Hospital, the opening of Berwick hospital for St. John of God and I now work for the Silver Chain Group as the Director of Core Digital Platforms. I am also a sessional academic at Curtin University. I have a passion for informatics and would like to contribute the experience I have gained in the introduction of new technologies and processes into healthcare, along with exploring the opportunities these systems bring for big data and subsequent benefits. I also would like to contribute thoughts about how we should be equipping the next generation of health professionals to operate in this new and complex digital world.

Prof Yogesan Kanagasingam

Prof Yogesan is the Research Director at the Australian e-Health research Centre. He is one of the finalists of the Australian of the Year awards in 2015 for his contribution to the advancement of medical science and his work around bringing eye care to the underserved communities around the world. He is also a visiting scholar at the Harvard University and a professor at the school of Medicine, University of Notre Dame. Prof Yogesan was the past President of the Australasian Telehealth Society and one of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Telemedicine and e-Health. His team developed the first non-invasive eye test for Alzheimer’s disease. He has won WA inventor of the year awards and developed a multi award winning telemedicine platform for ophthalmology called Remote-I. This system is now used in China in Guangdong Province catering 100 million people. He has been involved with many start-up companies such as OIS from California and Lifeguard Mobile from Silicon Valley USA. He got a patent portfolio of more than 35 patents and published more than 150 articles.

Matthew Painter, CHIA

In the 10 years that I have been a part of the healthcare industry here in Australia, I have seen some truly marvellous innovations in health informatics that have improved clinical practice and patient outcomes. In that same time, I have also seen and learned from some of our industry’s most misfortunate ventures in health information technology. We are all acutely aware of the cost of healthcare as we are in the power of technology to create dramatic, disruptional change for the better. I believe in challenging long-held beliefs and giving a voice to health informatics, both locally and nationally. Having served the Western Australian community through executive roles for HISA and HIMAA as well as having coordinated the Health Information Management degree at Curtin University, I am now seeking your endorsement to represent our professional interests as the WA State Chair.

Beth Sperring

Beth works in the Plastic Surgery Telehealth Service at RPH. She is a senior nurse clinician with extensive knowledge and experience in Plastic Surgery and wound care. Since 1990 she has worked alongside rural and remote clinicians, aiming to improve clinical knowledge and patient access to specialist services and outcomes. She has published articles on both wound management and Telehealth. In 2007 she was instrumental in establishing the multidisciplinary Plastic Surgery Telehealth Service which is currently the biggest OPD Telehealth Service in WA. Her knowledge and experience in working with Telehealth is considerable. Given the recommendations from the Sustainable Health Review, Telehealth will become a focus in making sustainable changes to WA health.

Yvonne Zardins

Yvonne is an experienced healthcare and management professional with a strong background in accounting and finance, having held a variety of clinical, operational and project management roles within WA Health since 2003. As Registered Nurse, Yvonne has worked in rural WA and tertiary hospitals in Perth. Working for WA Country Health Service, Yvonne was integral in establishing the Emergency Telehealth Service, beginning with 8 pilot sites in 2012 and expanding the service to over 75 rural and remote sites by 2017. While working with quality improvement methodologies with the WA Clinical Service Redesign Program, Yvonne developed a passion for CQI and an appreciation of the power of data. She continues to promote quality improvement as a sessional academic at Curtin University and is keen to support the development of health informatics in WA. Yvonne has a Masters in Health Administration and currently works with healthcare software in the community and hospital sectors.

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