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HISA webinars have been approved for up to 1 contact hour of continuing education credit toward renewal of the CHIA credential. Click here for more information on becoming a certified health informatics professional.

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HISA webinars

HISA webinar - On our terms why clinical terminologies matter to us

Michael Hosking, Digital Health Consultant, Clinnovation
29 October 2019

HISA webinars

The role of cloud in healthcare

Brad Davies and Brendan Lovelock
28 February 2019

HISA webinars

Under the hood of a digital health integration platform: Bendigo Health digital hospital

Danny Lindrea, Robyn Lindsay and Dean Robertson
22 June 2017

HISA webinars

A new informatics geography

Professor Enrico Coiera
17 May 2016

HISA webinars

E-safety professional practice standard consultation 1

David Rowlands and John Zelcer
22 March 2016

HISA webinars

E-safety professional practice standard consultation 2

David Rowlands and Trish Williams
26 April 2016

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